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Intelligent design simulation and verification

The process of goods from scratch, from modeling to verification is design, simulation and verification.

Intelligent procurement

The process of obtaining goods or services from the supply market to meet their needs is procurement.

Intelligent production

The process of creating material wealth by enterprises engaged in industrial production and operation is production.

Intelligent delivery

The delivery process between the receiving party and the transferee and the completion of the acceptance by the transferee is the delivery.

Intelligent operation

After the goods are delivered, they enter the stage of commodity operation.

Intelligent maintenance and recovery

In the process of using goods, businesses sell goods, including maintenance and recovery.


How to complete the bidding requirements quickly?

  • 1.Describe demand
  • 2.Get service scheme
  • 3.Select service provider for signing contract
  • 4.Examine and receive service quality
  • 5.Payment complete
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How to purchase service?

  • 1.Enterprise authentication
  • 2.Sign contract
  • 3.Examine and receive service quality
  • 4.Payment complete
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How to bid to make money?

  • 1.Enterprise authentication
  • 2.Participate in the bidding
  • 3.Delivery service
  • 4.Payment collection complete
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How to complete the bidding requirements quickly?

  • 1.Enterprise authentication
  • 2.Open store
  • 3.Upload service
  • 4.Sell
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